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Troop and Veteran Support

     For years, KYSCI has been a proud supporter of our Troops’ and Veterans’ and their families’ events whether those events are sponsored by KYSCI alone or sponsored by other organizations wherein we contribute funds or equipment usage to their events or chapter member volunteers who actually accompany troops, veterans, and/or their families into the field.  In addition to sponsoring events like our Military Appreciation Pheasant Hunt and other events over the years, we frequently volunteer to mentor hunts and/or provide funds to events like those put on by NWTF, Wheelin’ for Whitetails, Wounded Warriors, Field to Fork, Combat Veterans Adventures and Heroes’ Haven to name a few. Many of our chapter members have given up their “opening day” experience turkey, deer, and/or dove hunting to provide that experience for a wounded veteran and/or an active duty military person assigned locally but away from home and/or the child or spouse of a serviceman who is serving his/her country in places like war-torn Afghanistan or across this great nation. 

      We have witnessed the healing and gratitude via the participants and also the positive responses of our membership for our support of these types of programs. Whether these heroes are recovering from severe injuries incurred on multiple missions, preparing for deployment to a foreign country, or wishing they had a responsible person to guide their sons or daughters on a hunting adventure in their absence, our being able to reunite veteran hunters with nature and/or introduce new hunters to the camaraderie and rewards of the great outdoors is priceless!  If you would like to volunteer for one of these outings please contact a board member.



The Chapter is proud to support the men and women who serve and have served our country.  

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