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National Archery School Program & 4-H 

Over the years, several National Archery in the Schools Programs (NASP) have received support from the Kentuckiana Chapter of SCI and we are pleased to report they are doing well.  A few recent highlights include:

  • Sacred Heart Middle School & Sacred Heart High School both started new programs that were sponsored by KYSCI. A KYSCI youth introduced Sacred Heart to NASP.

  • Old Mill Elementary in Bullitt County Team participated in 7 tournaments and in State NASP for the first time. The         program continued to grow in the number of participants. 

  • Oldham County Middle School’s (OCMS) instructor is NASP certified. In the Oldham County School District, the chapter     provided sponsorship to start the NASP program in LaGrange Elementary, which is the feeder school for the OCMS.  This sponsorship allows the students who participated at the elementary school level to continue the sport.

  • Buckner Elementary in LaGrange is a sister elementary school in Oldham Country is up and running.  They have three (3) certified NASP instructors. Their target is primarily 4th and 5th graders.

  • The LaGrange Elementary School NASP Team went to NASP Nationals for second year in a row.  They celebrate many successes and are going strong.

  • Parkwood Elementary first year with NASP is very successful and they have plans to work toward more success going forward. 

  • Cornerstone Christian Academy has twenty-three 4th-12th graders participating in the program and have plans to grow.   

  • Breckinridge County Middle School received funding for additional equipment from the chapter as well as individual donations from several chapter members. 

  • One of the teams KYSCI has sponsored, Cloverport Independent Schools NASP Team, had three archers represent their school in the Kentucky State NASP Championships!  Congratulations!

                   If your child’s, grandchild’s, or friend’s school would like to set up a National Archery in the Schools Program, let one of your KYSCI Board members know. 

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4-H & KYSCI & KHFH Partnered To Pilot K"Y"HFH


        The Breckinridge County 4-H Shooting Sports youth partnered with the KYSCI and KHFH to pilot a Kentucky "Youth" Hunters for the Hungry program. This unique pilot program provided an opportunity for 4-H Shooting Sports youth to complete a service project in the area of their passion and give back to their community. 

       The pilot program introduced ten enthusiastic youth volunteers to the KHFH program.  These youth planned to donate 1 deer each to the KHFH while KYSCI offered to cover the cost of processing the deer at Webb’s Butcher. The meat was then to be donated to feed local families in need.


4-H Shooting Sports

      The 4-H Shooting Sports Programs symbolize what our SCI Chapter is about, namely, teaching youth to safely handle and responsibly use rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, and archery equipment while learning about conservation and appreciating the great outdoors. The monies donated by KYSCI & SCI over the years go to upgrade their equipment and help students who might, otherwise, not be able to participate in this wonderful youth program.


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