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Military Pheasant Hunt

        Several years ago, Mike Maddox put together a pheasant hunting event for our chapter to honor active duty military soldiers who were in our area between deployments.  He asked local military leader, Major Brian Combs, to select 12 soldiers who would like an opportunity to hunt pheasants.  The resulting hunts were huge successes and we have continued these hunts to honor soldiers.  

         Each year, the 12 selected servicemen gather at local pheasant hunting areas and are divided into four groups of three with each group having a guide and a hunting dog.  After their arrival, while the men enjoy hot coffee, great pastries and friendly conversation, several birds are “set” at random throughout the hunting areas.  This practice creates a natural hunting experience and allows the hunters to enjoy watching fantastic hunting dogs work and experience a great day afield! 

         At the end of the hunt, our military guests are thanked for their service and treated to a wonderful meal. While lunch is being served, the pheasants are cleaned and divided equally for the soldiers.  If you would like to volunteer, these “KYSCI Military Appreciation Hunts” are one of the most rewarding events our chapter hosts. 

On Hold Due to COVID

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